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Israel Canada Chamber of Commerce



Consulting, support, representation, laying foundations, promoting, advertising, conferences, hosting and more…


Relevant consulting for Canadian and Israeli businesspeople, companies and entrepreneurs.


Helping forge ties and establish the initial business infrastructure for an operation of any scope in Canada and Israel. 

Providing relevant business information.


Representing the economic relations between Israel and Canada at trade events and international, Israeli and Canadian exhibitions.


Organizing, initiating and supporting relevant economic seminars, conferences, conventions and symposia.

Hosting and accommodating Canadian, Israeli and joint delegations in both countries.


Promoting and advertising companies and organizations seeking economic joint ventures in Canada and Israel.



Yossi Daskal 


Yehuda Raveh


Jacob (Kobi) Sitt

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Telephone: +972 54 4507 629


Office Address:  20 Lincoln St. Israel Tel Aviv


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