Chamber of Commerce 


  • The Chamber of Commerce Israel-Portugal was founded in April 2000 as a nonprofit association.

  • The goal of our organization is to strengthen the bilateral and business relations, as well as tourism between the two countries.

  • We assist Israeli businessmen in opening doors to the Portuguese market, by providing information and guidance, organizing delegations and preparing seminars and conferences. At the same time, we encourage and cooperate with Portuguese trade, industry and tourism sectors and encourage Portuguese businessmen to enter the Israeli market.

  • The Chamber of Commerce is in constant touch with the Economic Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli ministry of economy, the Israel Export Institute the Embassy of Portugal in Israel and the embassy of Israel in Portugal.

  • In 2002, Mr. Michael Itzhar Belachovsky, President of the Chamber of Commerce Israel-Portugal, was awarded by the President of the Portuguese Republic the title of "Officer of the Order of Commercial Merit" for his outstanding contribution to the development of economic and cultural ties between the two countries. 


Michael Itzhar Belachovsky

President & CEO of Mipha, a consulting company active in the fields of intelligence, surveillance & counter surveillance, homeland security and investments in hotels and real astate.
Member, Board of Governors, University of Haifa.

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Telephone:  +972-03-5402392
E-mail:  trade@israel-portugal.com
Office Address: 8 Har Nevo Street, 4722508 Ramat  Hasharon,   I s ra e l
Website:  www.israel-portugal.com

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