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Chamber of Commerce 


About Us


The Bi-National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel- Portugal is a non- profit organization, which was founded in November 2020 to promote the development of Israel and Portugal business relations.

 located in Tel-Aviv, the Chamber of Commerce provides professional services, including finding and matching business partners, to expand and strengthen their export activities through providing business contacts, information and advice.

By joining the Chamber, a company may benefit not only from a number of services, but also from joining a network of companies that are interested in bilateral Israeli-Portuguese trade and commerce, with all the communications and opportunities it implies.


the Chamber's goal is to promote interest in business opportunities in Israel and Portugal by creation an environment in which local businesses can prosper



Entrepreneurship has become a critical part of economic development strategies. Our goal is to provide a contribution to the identification of the role of entrepreneurship in economic growth by mapping out alternative ways of looking at entrepreneurship in both countries Israel and Portugal as well.



The chamber assists Israeli and Portuguese businesses to open doors into the market, from providing knowledge and guidance to assistance in preparing professional delegations and producing conferences and seminars.


Join Forces

The Chambers of Commerce in Israel and Portugal have joined forces to tackle issues of joint concern such as the COVID-19 pandemic. A new partnership has been created between the two Chambers that sets out a common framework for working together to represent the interests of businesses across the two counties. The partnership aims to further advance the economic development of the countries, advocate on behalf of the region’s business community, and promote better cross-border collaboration.


Environmental Management of Air, Water, Agriculture and Green Energy

Examine how green technology aids in mitigating the global water, energy, and climate change crises, including the use of electrostatic force and green infrastructure. Our goal is to find ways to strive forward to shape future research and solutions for green technology for the benefit of Israel and Portugal.


Voice for the Local Business

Our aspiration is more than serve as a marketing vehicle for local businesses. It has an important role in local government affairs as well.


Working with Government

We are collaborating with the Economical Departments of the Portugal Embassy in Israel and of the Israeli Embassy in Portugal. The chamber is a member of the Federation of Israel Bi-National Chambers of Commerce and Industry who is an additional channel to enhance Israel’s trade connections. The Federation is a complement to the Governmental Bi-Lateral trade bodies, like the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Export Institute as well as the Manufacturers Association.


Our Partners in Portugal

The Portugal-Israel Chamber of Commerce is our partners in portugal  Their chamber established over 30 years ago, in 1985, and aims to promote the bilateral interests of its membership in respect to commercial, trade and industrial links between businesses in Portugal and Israel Camâra do Comércio Portugal – Israel (


Platform for Discussions

Serve as a platform for discussions and to represent the interests of both countries

António Korn

President of the CCPI


Gabriel Steinhardt
Vice-President of the CCPI



Contact Us


Our Email:




Linkedin:  industry-88528b213/


Address: 75 Yehuda Halevi St.  TEL – AVIV  


Telephone: +972-54-6422017

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