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 Israel - Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Israeli - Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates on the approach of a "One Stop" store of services based on quality knowledge, loyal and professorial networking, efficiency and generally speaking a strait forward approach. We believe a chamber must provide all the services a business needs when facing a new opportunity.


  • Consultancy services

Addressing your vision and meeting your goals in the local markets utilizing our local network, access to governments, vast know-how and successful experience in business matching between Slovak and Israeli companies.

  • Business development

We can connect you with local partners who will assist in development of your operations in the market.

International trade​

Complete trading assistance and Consultancy about significant import and export matters

Our professional networking is at your disposal. Law firms, accountants, translators, Insurance, media, accommodations, traveling and many more.

  • Strategic planning

Our team will study your company and apply your capacity to our resources building an effective strategy with minimum risks.

Market research
We can advise and guide your process based on our excessive knowledge and experience.

Access to Knowledge base

​Provide general and updated economical information about the Slovak Republic by building a knowledge base center with commercial data, information about tourisem and cultural activites in the Slovak Republic

Mr. Josef Pickel

President / Chairperson

Zvi Kaholi


CEO of Israel Slovakia Chamber of Commerce


Has vast experience in various Management, Production, Engineering and Product Development roles in aviation.


Following a successful engineering career at IAF he joined IAI where he developed his career for many years. His last position was at Bedek Aviation Group as Director of Narrow Body Aircraft P2F Conversion.


Has experience in operations, engineering, production, budgeting, planning and logistics. He managed complex aviation projects in Israel and was in charge of out base sites operation overseas.


Holds B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

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Telephone:  +972-52-3663142
Office Address: 22 Pinsker st, Holon, Israel 5841207
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