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Israel South Africa Chamber of Commerce 


The Israel-South Africa Chamber of Commerce was established in 1973. The Israel South Africa Chamber of Commerce is by its very nature mandated as official body to enhance bilateral ties between Israel and South Africa by promoting business opportunities and commerce.

Opportunity also extends to Southern Africa and further afield in Africa when South Africa serves as gateway.

                  The Chamber also acts as a platform for broadening public awareness of Israel South African bilateral relations and markets with the intention in mind of making them stronger. The Israel South Africa relationship is a unique one arising from a distinctive historical, political perspective Needless to say there is huge opportunity for what each can learn from and provide to the other.

President / Chairperson

Marcelle Juliet Saul Sheiman, Adv.


Shraga Barak

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  • Providing assistance and advice to Israelis in contacting business entities in South Africa and providing assistance to business entities from South Africa in connection with business entities in Israel.

  • Production of events and networking meetings for the business sector in Israel with an affinity to South Africa.

  •  Hosting delegations from South Africa in Israel

  •  Escorting delegations from Israel to South Africa

  •  Providing an overview of the social, cultural and political environment of South Africa to Israel and vice versa

  •  Promoting connections with other chambers where there is a basis for cooperation with Africa and where South Africa plays a dominant role.

Telephone:  0546308776 
Office Address: 92 Hazemer Ha'Ivri Street Herzliya Bet
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