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 The Israel Turkey Business Council provides support and assistance to the business communities in Israel and Turkey with the aim of facilitating and accelerating bilateral trade and investments between the two countries.

The Israel-Turkey Business Council (ITBC) is an independent none-profit organization that complements officially mandated institutional frameworks. It provides practical advice and information and organizes different activities to promote bilateral trade and investment between Israel and Turkey.


  • Provides advice to Israeli companies that want to do business in Turkey.

  • Assists Israeli companies to establish contacts in Turkey.

  • Provides business information about Turkey.

  • Organizing Israeli Booth in professional trade shows in Turkey.

  • Organizing seminars, symposiums and conferences.

  • Organization of Trade Missions to Turkey.

  • Hosting of trade missions from Turkey.

  • Publicizing Trade Leads of Turkish and Israeli companies that look for contacts in the other country.

Menashe Carmon

President / Chairperson

Born in Turkey, after Aliya in 1964 and military service, Menashe Carmon  is M.A. graduated in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

He served five years in the Ministry of Finance and then six years in Bank Hapoalim board member. Later, he served four years as a Joint General Manager of Migdal Insurance Company.


During the last 20 years, besides his business in Raw Materials and Machinery Trade, Menashe Carmon is specialized in J.V. and M&A’s between Israel and Turkey.

Liora Mashiach Elkies


Since 2011 the CEO of the Israel Turkey Business Council. Prior to that, worked for 22 years as Project Manager and Marketing Director of the International Department of the Tel Aviv Convention Center.

Hold a BA in History from the Hunter University in New York.

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Contact Name: Liora Mashiach Elkies

Telephone: 03-683-6833 / 0544-508851

E-mail: israelturkeybusiness@gmail.com

Office Address: 26 Namal Yaffo St. Yaffo

Website:  www.israel-turkey.co.il

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