Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce



The Chamber’s main goal is to create optimal adaptive conditions for foreign investors and entrepreneurs in the complex business environment of Ukraine. For this purpose, its representatives have developed an innovative collaboration technique while implementing new standards for the economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

The specifics of the Israel-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry are determined by the unique nature of the relationship between the two countries.

They are based on the following distinctive advantages of that relationship:

  • The affinity between cultures and interests

·Linguistic link and a similar mindset

·The experience of Israeli hi-tech companies, particularly the innovative ones, that can be successfully implemented in Ukraine

·Collaboration in a number of joint resource projects in such fields as medicine and agriculture


Our Services: 

The Chamber of Commerce will create an ecosystem of assistance and advisory services to investors and businessmen interested in penetration to the Ukrainian market. The ecosystem will include the following areas:

• Financial management, accounting and tax consulting

• Office rental

• Assistance in HR recruitment

• Secretarial services

• Computer and logistics services

• legal consulting

• Access to databases

• Assistance in search of local partners

• Communication and public relations

• Assistance in obtaining credit

• Arbitration services for small and medium businesses



The Chamber will assist in contacts with government officials in Ukraine and Israel, with embassies, diplomatic and economic delegations, with economic, financial and other institutions in Israel and in Ukraine.


In addition, the Chamber  will assist and guide exporters, importers and technology companies regarding business activities in Ukraine.

President / Chairperson: 

Evgeny Shulgin


Vlad Cherkassky

Contact Name:

Vlad Cherkassky

Phone: +972 50 827 46 61


Office Adress: 

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